About FettPenguin.

FettPenguin is a website created by Ivan Santoso. Unfortunately, the creator is only an ordinary fat guy trying to do anything he can to entertain.

This site is actually created to achieve lots of dream.
Ivan has always had a lot of dreams but none of them seems to work,
This website is one of his dream that he successfully achieved.

Well, FettPenguin knows your time might be better used to do something else.
You know what?
This website can be your something else, right?

FettPenguin might not have the best. FettPenguin might not be the best.
One thing for sure.
FettPenguin will always try the best to make you enjoy!

This blog will be full with stories, videos and pictures.
FettPenguin hopes you will enjoy it.

Please remember to come back and check for updates!