Second Day of Water Fasting

Today is saturday. I checked on my scale, the screen showed 105.4. It made my morning. I drank a glass of water. I couldn’t believe myself, I could actually not eat for 24 hours. It means I have 706 days more not to eat. If you see the number, it is actually a huge number. The fast that it goes down every hour will make you feel it’s going fast. I hope I can finish it.

Today went slow. I wrote this after I finished my second day of water fasting. I was actually surprised on how well I could manage today. I didn’t feel any hunger. I just lied to you. Hahaha… I felt so hungry. There are times when I opened the fridge and looked at all my sweets. I almost lost for few times but I WON. Proven by this blog haha. Weekend has always be my frienemy for all my life.

Before when I was doing OMAD diet, weekend was easy because I have someone to share the day with me. It distracted me from eating and it worked well. Now that I am alone. I actually have nothing to do but to watch and sit all day. In fact, it is recommended because I have 0 calorie intake. It means I have no energy intake but the energy that I saved all this time as fat.

I started the day woken up without any feeling of hunger. I drank a glass of water and the day went on like usual. I began cleaning the house and bathed my dogs. I felt dizzy sometimes. Especially when I sat down for a long time and suddenly got up. My journey of the fasting got harder hour by hour. I saw people eating in front of me. It gave me a great deal of temptation to just stop. I knew I shouldn’t and I didn’t.

The evening came. I felt even hungrier than before. I don’t know actually, was it hunger or just craving things? Well still I decided to be stronger. I took a cold shower. It helped to ease the feeling inside my head and my stomach. People say real hunger comes from your throat. I want to believe that and I convinced myself that I was not hungry. I actually felt great after the cold shower.

I read more and more about water fasting afterward. You know the feeling of not being able to sleep when you’re hungry. I felt that. Until I read that when your body reach ketosis, you won’t feel any of those sensation anymore. People usually reach ketosis after 4 or 5 days of fasting. I cannot wait for that day. This is torturing and at the same time pleasing. In the end, I got tired of reading but I was still unable to fall asleep. I decided to play games and ended up falling asleep haha.

I learned that water intake for the whole day will influence the result of your diet. When you drink, you will stop feeling the hunger sensation in your body.


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