First day of Water Fasting

The first day is the most difficult right? People say, if you can finish today, you can finish tomorrow. I believe those people. I am high… Hahaha…

So I decided to do water fasting. Which means I cannot eat food at all. I promised myself that I will get my ideal weight back simply because I’m tired of being fat. The problem is I have to be prepared. I am weak to food. Now I have to be mentally prepared to refuse any food to enter my body. Second is physical preparation. Before today, I tried to eat less. I did it. I hope my body can adapt faster.

The first day was nothing out of the ordinary. It was a Friday. I did it magnificently. I could control my appetite. I actually didn’t feel any hunger but I craved lots of food. Actually, I have a concern about my success doing this fasting. The fact that tomorrow is a weekend. I always failed to control my eating on weekend. I ended up snacking or eating while watching. It is totally not good.

Well after I finished my first day of Water Fasting. I felt great. I didn’t eat for the whole day and It didn’t affect me that much. I was basically happy. I hope it will motivate me to finish my goal which is 720 hours water fasting. I tried to check the scale for the first day. Before I started, my weight was 109. After the first day, It reached 107.6. It was a good number. It definitely put a smile on my face.

It wasn’t that hard to control myself. Water was literally all I needed to finish the day. I didn’t feel tired. I did my work normally. I didn’t feel weak nor dizziness. It’s all good. At home, things got harder. I live with a housemate. He loves to eat dinner. Usually I would just cook for dinner and share the food. Now he ordered a dinner, a hamburger which is also my favorite. It was hard for me to avoid eating dinner.

I was almost given up and asked him to bring one more portion but I didn’t. I continued to do something else and it helped a lot. I finished my first day easily. Good thing right?

If you have any question, just comment below.


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